Сьцебурака Усевалад, Крушня


Вершы і проза

Сьцебурака Усевалад

Publication Place: Менск

Publication Date: 2007

Editor: Пятровіч (Сачанка) Барыс

Graphics Design: Мацур Генадзь

Publisher: Хурсік Віктар

Book Series: Бібліятэчка часопісу Дзеяслоў

ISBN: 985-6718-67-8

Category: Belles-Lettres

Copyright © 2006 by Дзеяслоў, Усевалад Сьцебурака, Генадзь Мацур, мастацкае афармленьне

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Supplementary Data: Выданьне публікуецца тут за ласкавай згодай Рэдакцыі часопісу Дзеяслоў

Krushnya Stseburaka Usevalad A collection of poems and works of prose by young Belarusian writer — the first one in the author's life. Through his works the author seeks to share his perception of the world. He touches upon a subject that regretfully resurfaces in literature of our peole. Belarus is the the key theme for the author who dedicates the most moving lines to the native land: if your name were a prayer I would be as faithful as no one else if it were a rusty razor I would hold it in my arm, confident to sing (Belarus) The overall youthful optimism laces every line, sounding brutally and tenderly at times. The author irradiates rays of hope. This is a perfect day to live Impossible to die today...

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