40-я ўгодкі абвешчаньня незалежнай Белорускай Народнай Рэспублікі

40-я ўгодкі абвешчаньня незалежнай Белорускай Народнай Рэспублікі

1918 - 1958

Miejsce wydania: New York

Data wydania: 1958

Wydawca: Whiteruthenian (Byelorussian) Congress Committee od America

Kategoria: Historia; Źródła

Księgozbiór: KAMUNIKAT — ten serwis (wersja elektroniczna); MiOKB — biblioteka Muzeum i Ośrodka Kultury Białoruskiej w Hajnówce, ul. 3 Maja 42, Hajnówka (egzemplarz papierowy)

Numery inwentarzowe: MiOKB — [5128]

In present international relations the most important event is the universal expansion of Soviet Russia. It frankly aims to conquer of all free countries. The present dictator of Soviet Russia, N. Khrushchev, has declared shamelessly to the democratic countries: “We will bury you!” However, the rulers of Soviet Russia are attempting to mislead public opinion in the free world by covering up their aggression with diplomatic phraseology. Byelorussia presents an example of real Soviet Russian policy applied toward the conquered nations. The essence of this policy is the destruction of independent Byelorussian Democratic Republic, the mass terror and oppression of the Byelorussian people, the colonial exploitation, the forcible russification and sovietization of country.

Katalog: Kamunikat.org | MiOKB

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